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Australian Grass-Fed

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sourced from 100% Australian grass-fed dairy cows

100% Australian

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using the best all natural restaurant quality ingredients



Justin North - Award Winning Australian Chef

I love the Australian Natural Protein Company for its integrity and quality of product. Each of the flavours has an unrivalled purity, with a great natural flavour and balanced sweetness.
There is nothing more satisfying than finishing an intense workout with the piece of mind of consuming a pure quality product like Australian Natural Protein.

Kaye Scott - Elite amateur boxer, Australian team. 2016 world champ silver medalist

The vanilla bean extract flavour is amazing. A post workout smoothie with almond milk, ice, ANPC vanilla bean WPC and frozen blueberries tastes superb! The nutritional profile, high quality ingredients (without additives!!) means I'm fuelling my body with complete confidence.

Cameron Peterson - Australian Pro Cyclist

Australian Natural Protein Company's powders tick all the boxes. Australian made, nothing unnecessary and are by far the best tasting powders even when mixed with just water. With these powders I can confidently put in what I took out and be properly recovered for the next race.

Ben St Lawrence - Dual Olympic Finalist (Rio & London). Australian Record Holder at 10k

ANPC is by far the best protein I've ever tasted, either straight-up or in a smoothie. As an athlete it's very important to me that I'm fuelling myself in the best way possible, and with ANPC I'm confident that I'm doing exactly that. With no unnecessary ingredients, and only the best of what does go in, I couldn't ask for a better post-session recovery fuel. I also like the fact that I am supporting an Australian product.

Louiza Menzel - Beacon of Health & Fitness

I love ANPC because it’s locally produced from grass-fed cows so I feel confident I’m getting the best quality protein source available. The pure vanilla bean extract makes it super delicious on its own or mixed with a few berries to make a satisfying, nutritious smoothie.
It’s so easy to carry a serve of ANPC with me to work or when out and about and having as a snack during the day, it keeps me full, satisfied and away from unhealthy snack choices.

Stephanie Zervos - Australian 100m Sprinter

I'm so glad I found ANPC's protein powders. They taste good, mix easily, and don't leave me feeling bloated afterwards. It is really light on my stomach unlike every other protein powder I've used. I feel so good on ANPC, and I love the gorgeous packaging. To me it reflects the incredible care put into this product. I have definitely found my new protein powder of choice!

Elliot Brown - Australian Skeleton Athlete

Australian Natural Protein Company is head and shoulders above the rest. My favourite is the organic artisan cocoa, which tastes great and gives my body exactly what it needs to recover.
Since using the product I feel fresher and better recovered, especially on my heavy weeks. ANPC products have no additives and are produced in Australia so you know it is great.

Lara Hamilton - Australian & NSW U20 Cross Country Champion

As an elite distance runner with high nutritional needs, ANPC helps me meet my daily protein goals and is a convenient option when I'm on the go. My favourite flavour is the Grass Fed WPC with Organic Artisan Cocoa. ANPC protein excludes unwanted substances and is free of preservatives which I am intolerant to. I love that it doesn't have the long ingredient list that most proteins have.

Taste. The difference.

Dying to experience first-hand why our blends taste so much better than anything else on the market? Finally the trial pack has arrived. You will be amazed.

Give it to me now!
Australian Natural Protein Company Trial Pack. 6 x single serve sachets in out 2 amazing flavours.


We source whey from 100% Australian grass-fed cattle and use only the finest restaurant quality real foods to add nutrients and flavour.

All of our ingredients are beneficial and we exclude anything else that is unproven or unnecessary. That's our promise to you.

No additives.
No feed lot, grain-fed whey.
Locally made.
Thoroughly researched.
The best possible ingredients.

Plus our products are certified gluten-free and are a good source of dietary fibre.

Our Story

We care about what you consume, and that is why we created ANPC. Our team is comprised of health and fitness professionals with a combined 40+ years in industry, working with athletes and every day people of all ages and abilities.

Good, evidence based nutrition has always played an integral part in the successes of our clients. A plethora of research conducted over the past three decades has convincingly demonstrated the benefits of consuming a high quality protein source in close proximity to a weights training session to increase strength, muscle mass and improve body composition.

There is virtually unanimous agreement amongst specialists that whey protein is the ideal choice in this context, owing to its superior amino acid profile, rapid rate of delivery to working muscles and the highest ability to turn on muscle protein synthesis when compared to all other proteins. Sadly, the vast majority of supplemental whey protein powders, contain whey from feed-lot, grain-fed cows, an impressive array of artificial sweeteners, unpronounceable chemical additives, and a host of unproven ingredients.

And so after years of unsuccessfully trying to source a locally made, natural, evidence based, good tasting whey protein powder for our many clients, Australian Natural Protein Company was born. At ANPC, we are not interested in fads, we are interested in providing the best possible whey protein product created with the most up to date research in the area of muscle mass preservation, and body composition.

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