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Welcome to our brand new collectable training program series. Never have we been more excited about the launch of a new product.

Hiring a good personal trainer these days (with tertiary qualifications and experience) can be upwards of $100 per session. Thats excluding gym fees. 

Now you can have a detailed weight training program, written by some of Australia's best personal trainers, strength coaches and exercise physiologists without the expensive price tag.

These programs go hand in hand with our high quality whey protein powder range. Australian Natural Protein company now provides ALL the tools you need to start building the strong healthy body you deserve. 

Our first instalment is FOUNDATION BOD.

The strongest buildings and most meaningful relationships are built on rock solid foundations... why should your body be any different? These programs will result in a stronger, more stable and balanced foundation upon which to build!

We've teamed up with some of Australia's leading strength coaches and exercise physiologists to bring you the best possible FOUNDATON BOD you can have.

This base program is designed to underpin any training goal and maximise your ability to take on more challenging training programs. Everyone should start here.

FOUNDATION BOD prepares your muscles and joints for ANY training goal by improving posture, strength imbalances and work capacity. This lowers your risk of injury before you start doing harder and more advanced workouts. It also helps you learn or improve your exercise technique, body awareness, breathing and focus whilst training. Even the most experienced weight lifters can maximise their results by spending part of the year performing general preparation work.

What you get:

  • Comprehensive details about the who, what, where, when and why of the FOUNDATION BOD program
  • A complete 2 day training program that you can perform 1, 2 or 3 times per week
  • Illustrated exercise diagrams to refer to for technique and body positioning

And it wont stop here. In the coming months, you will be able to take your FOUNDATION BOD and turn it into any BOD goal you have...


  • Lean Bod (Goal = fat loss)
  • Built Bod (Goal = increased muscle mass)
  • Strong Bod (Goal = increased strong)
  • Fit Bod (Goal = better cardiovascular endurance)
  • Fast Body (Goal = to improve your speed)


  • Work you way through our series of programs that address your specific goal. Each program is a progression from the last and should be completed in the correct order
  • Each program will last you for 4-6 weeks depending on your training frequency


  • Each program purchased will be emailed to you immediately as an ebook which you can download and print, or store conveniently on your iPhone or iPad.

We will keep expanding our library of programs so that you can continue to take your health and fitness to new heights.

* Please note that majority of these programs are weight training based, and require access to a well equipped gym.

* In later series we will include outdoor running programs, home workout programs and 12-week challenges.



Let's go all the whey!