Australian Natural Protein Company

The "Try Us"Bundle


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We've seen you checking us out....

And we've been waiting for you to pluck up the courage to try us out...but time goes by and you don't come around...and let's face it, none of us are getting any younger.

***So for 48 hours only ***

Take the plunge and buy a box of our whey protein in the flavour of your desire, and we will throw in FREE (yes totally free):

  • Our stunning double walled glass drink bottle which doubles as a tea strainer/fruit infuser, coffee holder (valued at $39.95)
  • The first in our series of collectable) online training programs, designed by leading Australian exercise physiologists and personal trainers (valued at $29.95)
  • 2 x 60g travel packs of the flavour you didn't choose - so you get to try them all or share the love with a friend.

That's $69.90 worth of FREE stuff just to finally try the protein you've been eyeing off for sometime.

We always offer FREE shipping within Australia and a recipe guide with every 1kg box, so you automatically get that too.

But this gratuitous display of love can't last forever.

You have 48 hours to take the plunge, before we slink back to our cave, red-faced and heart broken!

Let's go all the whey!