Australian Natural Protein Company

Our Story

We care about what you consume, and that is why we created ANPC.
Our team is comprised of health and fitness professionals with a combined 40+ years in industry, working with athletes and every day people of all ages and abilities.
Good, evidence based nutrition has always played an integral part in the successes of our clients.
A plethora of research conducted over the past three decades has convincingly demonstrated the benefits of consuming a high quality protein source in close proximity to a weights training session to increase strength, muscle mass and improve body composition.
There is virtually unanimous agreement amongst specialists that whey protein is the ideal choice in this context, owing to its superior amino acid profile, rapid rate of delivery to working muscles and the highest ability to turn on muscle protein synthesis when compared to all other proteins.
Sadly, the vast majority of supplemental whey protein powders, contain whey from feed-lot, grain-fed cows, an impressive array of artificial sweeteners, unpronounceable chemical additives, and a host of unproven ingredients.
And so after years of unsuccessfully trying to source a locally made, natural, evidence based, good tasting whey protein powder for our many clients, Australian Natural Protein Company was born.  
At ANPC, we are not interested in fads, we are interested in providing the best possible whey protein product created with the most up to date research in the area of muscle mass preservation, and body composition.
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